Portrait shot of Christian Neitzel
I'm actually pretty smiley in person ☺

brand strategy
digital design

To matter, morph.
Matter&Morph is Christian Neitzel's friendly graphic design and communications studio in Vienna.

Rooted in strategy, driven by narrative, unleashed through imagination
I craft transformational brand experiences for ambitious companies in tech and culture, helping them win customers' hearts, accelerate growth, and improve the world at scale.

We might be a great fit
If you value ideas over ego, if you like swift iterations and open communication, if you understand that to drive change we must change.


Here are some of the things I enjoy helping people with: 

Nannina turns classic Italian dishes into near-religious dining experiences. The setting is elegant, the service impeccable & all comes brimming with amore and a dash of down-to-earth humour.

Getting clarity

  • Design Consultation
  • Brand Strategy
  • Positioning

Connecting with your audience

  • Messaging
  • Storytelling

Looking great

  • Visual Identity
  • Poster & Graphic Design
  • Digital Design
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