Just like himself, FJBAUR's ArtDolls, are larger than life. The dolls remind us that, as we age, even our fondest memories lose definition.



Art Direction / Typography /
Graphic Design


Slowly and mostly unnoticed by us, they turn into amorphous clouds of feelings. These, however, are forever.

To celebrate and spread the word about his latest exhibition at the Art Basel Miami, FJBAUR commissioned me to design a full-page ad, a set of Instagram posts, info cards for the exhibition booth and, later, a poster for the London Subway.

We developed a simple typographic system based on the artist's logo in bold uppercase type. The goal was to create a sense of continuity and coherence over different mediums while retaining the ability to dial up or down playfulness versus sophistication via colors and choice of photographs. 

Chris is an absolute darling. Working with him doesn’t feel like work at all. Also, this is easily the classiest way my work has ever been presented. I’m loving it!“
Franz Josef baur
poster "FJBAUR artdolls" between cars on a wall in the sun
poster fjbaur artdolls
adset for FJBaur's Artweek Miami exhibiton hanging on a wall
Instagram Post FJBaur goes Artweek Miami with amorphous donald duck on a green backgroundInstagram Post FJBaur goes Artweek Miami with amorphous pink panther on a light blue background