MetisLabs uses state-of-the-art AI systems to help the manufacturing industries minimize production waste.




Identity Design / Messaging /Art Direction / Digital Design

I created an understated, conceptual identity and messaging system for them that would clearly present them as the benchmark brand in their industry.

The new aesthetic blends the pragmatic austerity found in works of great engineering with the warm professionalism we associate with true customer-centricity.

The MetisLabs symbol is the centerpiece of the identity system.
Inspired by the geometric art of mid-century modernism, we build the symbol from the simple shape of a ring, its band exactly half its radius. The ring is quartered, with each quarter forming one part of a two-storied, abstract M+L monogram. Two full circles, their diameter again half the radius of the ring, sit below the baseline of the M.

Together with the fourth quarter ring, they suggest longer stems of the M and lend balance to the composition. This allows for a second reading of the symbol, showing a top-down view of lab equipment, in which a series of inputs running through test tubes get reduced to a single output.

metislabs conference poster hanging on a wall with person walking in front
metislabs logo blue on cream
metislabs logo as a sign on a building
above the fold content for MetisLabs marketing website
metislabs logo details
metislabs business cards on a table
hangtags for a  conceptual metislabs industry 4.0 conference
Poster for metislabs industry4.0 conference with asian women walking in front eating icecreamposter for metislabs conference with claim "reduce your footprint" stand in huge empty room