A selection of album artworks created for and while listening to some of my favorite sets in 2022. Click on the images to brighten up your day with some great sounds.


s0mefl0wer / self-inititated


Art direction / Graphic Design

The only commissioned work on this page is "White Mountain" (top-right), the title of the first Solo-EP of dear friend and producer s0mefl0wer. The EP features four moody, experimental tracks full of glitchy vocals and dark lyrics, conjuring up an ominous sense of doom and loneliness.

The title refers to the enormous mountains of skulls Genghis Khan's wild hordes allegedly left of the conquered Chinese people. Apparently, the white mountains were visible from far across the horizon. They terrified the envoys from Constantinople sent to discover the truth about the rumors of a dangerous new foe in the east.

Yet, in the context of the EP the title "White Mountain" holds a more symbolic function. It serves as a dark reminder of our terror in the face of inevitable death. Something we are quite good at hiding from ourselves in everyday life. Accordingly, it manifests not as a literal mountain of skulls, but as a looming presence rising from a vast darkness. The artwork takes its clues from two quintessential tropes of civilizational decay: a metropolis bereft of living souls and the iceberg as a symbol for hidden peril. Could it be coincidence that icebergs also happen to be white mountains?

vinyl album cover for Manfredas and Ivan Smagghe first Set for Dresden vinyl album cover for White Mountain by s0mefl0wer
vinyl album cover for Rebellion der Träumervinyl album cover for Wohnzimmerrundreise by LeSchueft
vinyl album cover for marieu playing at 6  jahre Heimlichvinyl album cover for Bucht der Träumer
vinyl album cover for Mex b2b leschueft playing at lighthouse festival 2019